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In the past, any upgrade to the OEM system in many BMWs was a $6k+ endeavor. The challenge was the speaker locations, depths, number of channels and OEM DSP. Audison now offers an entire line that addresses these issues. For vehicles with the tweeter and 4” in the door and the 8” sub under the seat, we can effectively upgrade the system for half the cost of previous solutions! The key is the Prima AP8.9bit amplifier/processor combo. This compact amplifier has 8 channels of amplification with 9 channels of processing. Each speaker gets just what it needs. The tweeters and 4" drivers get 35 watts each, while the 8" subs under the seat get bridged power at 130 watts each. The speakers are designed shallow to allow for minimal modification to mount them and they are sensitive to make the best use of the power provided by the amplifier. We have a Prima system set up in our showroom so you can get a feel for how robust a system this is. This system can be installed as an OEM replacement, sacrificing no additional space, or a monoblock amplifier with a subwoofer can be added.


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Audison Prima 8" 

Audison Prima TweeterAudison Prima 4"