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Vehicle Specific: 2012+ Jeep Wrangler

The Jeep Wrangler is the perfect vehicle to be our first vehicle specific packaged system! The options for the Wrangler vary a bit, but we have found the equipment in these packages work the best for our clientele. Each one offers amplification for all speakers and a subwoofer. The front components are upgraded as well as the rear sound bar coaxials. We use compact amplifiers so that we can mount them in the stock location in the dash. This is ideal for the Wrangler because it takes up no addition space, and protects the amplifier from any water you may encounter while going off road!


Rockford Fosgate 5 Channel Amp


Wrangler Custom Subwoofer Enclosure



We made a mold of the cavity in the trunk area so we can cut down fabrication time and build enclosures ahead of time. If the Jeep has the Alpine system with the OEM grille in the floor, it can be reused. If it doesn’t have the OEM grille, we build one! This system comes in premium and high powered configurations. They do not require replacing the radio, but it never hurts! Happy mudding!


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We now offer Vision X lighting for all of your off road needs! From headlight replacements to 50” light bars, these are the brightest LEDs we’ve seen!


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Wrangler 51" LED Bar