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2016 retailer of the year!


Less than 24 hours ago, we at Soundscape received the highest honor for an independent shop our industry has! With the support of our clientele, vendors and peers, we made the top 50 list, then top 12. With the amazing shops on that list, we were happy to have made it that far. To win the top honor is, well, beyond comprehension for me at the moment.


After days of classes and networking with the best in the mobile electronics industry, we all came together for the awards dinner. We were excited to see our friends win awards for categories as vendors, reps, installers and retailers. When Retailer of the Year came up we dared not be too optimistic. There were, afterall, several top level shops who we have looked up to for years in the running. When our name was called, we were truly in disbelief! Heavy Hitters Table


Our journey to this point started almost from the inception of Soundscape. There is no manual for building a shop like ours, so it can be easy to lose your way. The interactions, training and support from the mobile electronics industry has really guided our path to becoming an operation that I feel is  the best version of what we can be. I don't think you can do this kind of thing in a vacuum. The community we are a part of is the catalyst for bursting that bubble.


I have to give so much credit to the Soundscape team. Each one not only supports the culture of performance and customer service, but strengthens it's core and builds on it's idea. As a business owner, there is a point in which the operation extends beyond your ideas and becomes a culmination of the passion and drive of the entire staff. I'm so thankful for the team I have and the daily effort they contribute to the ideals that make Soundscape a great place to work and buy car audio. Though he's not here to share this honor, this also belongs to our friend and mentor Steve Vining. We miss you Steve, and your contribution lives on here every day.

Pierce IS Heavy

As we go back to work tomorrow, our schedule is full with the work we enjoy doing. I have been asking myself over the last few hours, "What does this mean for us?" The only answer that makes sense is that we continue on the path we have been on, looking for ways to improve wherever possible. We hope to earn this award every day for our clients and for our peers in the industry.


Congratulations to all of our friends who were also honored last night. You're all absolute rock stars! For all of you out there who have supported us, thank you, thank you, thank you! We will do you proud. I promise!



Dan Ungaro