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Though we are included in the Top 50 this year, we are not campaigning for the top honor. With our relocation and shift in some of our processes, we feel we will be big contenders next year!


Our team is not to be counted out, however! Our resident DSP expert and wiring magician Daniel Greenwood and our bearded wonder of a maser fabricator David Cruz are both in the Top 50 Installers and competing for the top honor! Our youngster and amp rack phenom Pierce Barrett is in contention to be Rookie of the Year!​

So what does this have to do with you, other than having the great fortune to be served by such dedicated and passionate guys? They need your vote! Yes, you have a say in this! Please go to the following link to cast your vote for your neighborhood car audio professionals. (Yes, if you think we are only second best, it's cool to vote for someone else. We won't hold it against you.)


Click Here

Voting ends June 17th!


As always, thank you for your support. Being a small operation, playing in as big a market as DFW, it's an honor to be able to do this for you. We only get to do these fun projects because our clients give us the opportunity to do so.


Happy listening!

Dan Ungaro, Founder

2017 Mobile Electronics Industry Awards!

It's been great, but it's someone else's turn!

This time last year, we started campaigning for the highly coveted honor of being Mobile Electronics' Retailer of the Year. It wasn't a thought in our minds that we could win it! As a team, we were honored to just be included in the Top 50, then Top 12. We have always just focused on building Soundscape to be the best it can be with no reservations about learning from other accomplished operations. I feel it's the community in 12 volt electronics that uplifts small shops like us and help us achieve new heights.