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We completely vacated the Plano location in the last minutes of April, and had to park 2/3 of our operation in front of my house for a few days! The epoxy floors in the new facility were not ready yet, so we had to wait to move in any further. Once dry, we rapidly unloaded the rest of the fixtures and immediately started setting up. We painted walls, built unnameable structures, learned to drywall, and experimented with wainscoting!

Despite being cosmetically incomplete, we have already built several systems and various other small jobs. The feedback from clients, friends, vendors and even other shop owners has been amazing! We really feel the new environment is more conducive to the kind of work we do. More space, more refined, more fun!


 Though we are open and ready to do business, our Grand Opening will be June 24th. We will release more information as we plan it out. We hope to see all of you there! Feel free to stop by in the meantime to get a look and help us break in this awesome facility!

We're open!

(And almost done setting up!)

I can't express to you how excited we are about showing you all our new facility! This move has been lightning fast, exhausting and taxing overall, but all worth it! Every day the showrooms, fabrication rooms and install bay are getting closer and closer to what we envisioned.