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Experience Audison Thesis

From the inception of Soundscape, I wanted to carry the finest in car audio. We were fortunate to pair up with elite level manufacturers like Audison from almost the very beginning! Unfortunately, the Thesis component speakers stopped production shortly thereafter due to the cost of neodymium magnets.


Now, years later, with a few minor design changes, the Thesis TH 1.5 II Violino and the TH 6.5 Sax are available! Not only are they available, but we have them on display for you to hear for yourself. For a truly high end sound with ultimate transparency, these speakers really perform! Due to the low frequency response of the 1.5" tweeter, you can do a 2 way setup where a 3 way may have been necessary. Don't think they are a drop in though, because these tweeters are massive! Most vehicles will require some fabrication, but it is worth it!


Stop by and see why these speakers are not just pretty to look at, they are an experience to listen to!