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2016 GMC Yukon Denali

 A Little bit of everything

This 2016 GMC Yukon Denali was a fun project! We got to do a little bit of everything in this beast!


We started with a Compustar T11 alarm/remote start system. It includes a two way remote that has a 3 mile range, is water resistant, crush resistant and in many ways the baddest remote on the market! It has two way communication which notifies the owner when the alarm is activated, which sensor set it off and also gives confirmation of remote start functions. 


Second, we integrated a K40 Radar/Laser defense system which places two laser and a radar sensor in the front grille and radar in the rear. We fabricated acrylic and aluminum trim bezels for the laser mounts to seamlessly flush them into the grille. We find that this approach helps place the sensors correctly for best functionality without compromising the aesthetics of the vehicle!


Lastly, we installed a Mosconi AS amplifier in the floorboard of the rear. We prepped the area for an additional amplifier later, complete with airflow management to ensure interruption free usage. The amplifier powered two Audison Prima 10" shallow mount subwoofers mounted in the window areas. We built a sealed enclosure for either side trimmed out with a pressed grille and aluminum trim to match the front door panels. This system really filled the cabin with style!