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More notable, was the Arctic Frog Jeep build we did for PowerBass and KEG Media. This was a special project as it's for a good cause.


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The display for Texas Instruments was a little different, as it did not include a vehicle at all! They were debuting a new chipset for class D amplifiers, so we built a subwoofer enclosure and some tower speaker cabinets for a full demo. It included a Sony RSX-GS9 radio, Audison Bit TenD processor and their own amplifiers. The speakers were Hertz Mille Pro and the subs were 12" Hertz Energy.

Last but not least, is the Sony booth. This one was the simplest. All we built was two subwoofer enclosures, but someone thought they were awesome enough to attempt to steal! Luckily the guys from Sony walked by a guy loading them up into a cab on the last day of the show. Thinking it was odd, they confronted him and ended up getting the enclosures back. Some people!

Part of the purpose in being at CES was to reinforce relationships with our vendors and to see the brand new equipment being offered. Check out some of the pictures from my trip!

The Consumer Electronics Show 2017

CES is a really big deal when it comes to emerging technology and really cool stuff in general! The last time I attended the event in Las Vegas was in 2011 right after opening Soundscape. This year it seemed important to make the trip as we built 4 displays for various manufacturers.


We were asked to provide our Audi A4 demo vehicle featuring Audison amplification and processing and Hertz speakers and subs for the Elettromedia showroom. It was a great success with numerous demos for existing and potential dealers from around the country.