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At Soundscape, we get the opportunity to work on some really cool vehicles for some really cool clients. The Arctic Frog Jeep is special, however. KEG Media teamed up with the Chris Kyle Foundation and Complete Customs in McKinney to put together this amazing specimen! The exterior features Fab Fours body panels, Camoliner kevlar exterior lining, Rigid LED lighting and of course, Mattracks wheels!​

The Arctic Frog Jeep: Creative With A Cause

If you aren't familiar with Chris Kyle, he was the most decorated sniper in US history for the Navy SEALS. He put his efforts at home into helping vets overcome PTSD which he ultimately died in pursuing. The foundation is carrying on his legacy. This vehicle will be sold once it's finished being shown around the country and the proceeds will benefit the foundation. For more information visit


We were tasked with building an audio system befitting this monster using Powerbass equipment to be shown at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. With a very close deadline, we burned the candle at both ends to make it happen!


The system includes 3 amplifiers, 3 way front components, 2 way sound bar speakers, 2 12" subwoofers and an exterior soundbar. We also installed an Alpine Restyle radio and backup camera. Our friends at Soundskins caught wind of our project and offered their material for the build, so the entire floor and all the doors are lined with sound deadening!


We built pods for the speakers up front to match the shape of the headlights up front. The rear was built out to house all three amplifiers and the pair of 12" subwoofers. David was even able to incorporate the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation emblem into the piece. With the lighting, floating amp rack and the intense amount of wiring, this was no small undertaking! Even the holidays right in the midst of this build, we were able to find the hours to get this done. 


The pictures below were provided by none other than the uncompromising Installer Of The Year, Matt Schaeffer. Thanks Matt!