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This one's going on the fridge

Every once in a while, I see a post in my Facebook feed that makes me feel like a proud Dad! Pierce, our youngest team member (Self-anointed "Little Boy") made a post describing the finer points of speaker selection and installation.


"Little Boy Tip of The Day 
I feel like a speakers performance heavily relies on the install and the supporting installation techniques used when installing said speakers. That's why when I see somebody talking bad about "Speaker Company A" and saying "Speaker Company B" is better, I take it with a grain of salt. 
I've seen countless numbers of poor installations done on good sets of components that just do not do them justice. Anybody that is on my friends list that is not industry I encourage you to actually take a listen to components before you make a purchase. Sound is subjective, while one person may think a set of speakers sound awesome another person may think they sound awful. Car audio is like candy, everybody has a different sweet tooth for certain equipment. 
In this particular car we installed Hybrid Audio Technologies Legatia L6v2's and Legatia L1ProR2's. The doors were my main focus, I used Hushmat to treat the door skin and panel. The access holes in the door panels were filled with expanded PVC and then heated up to shape to the door skin. The speaker adapters were also made from an expanded PVC and then finished with a FastRing to make the seal between the speaker and actual door panel. The mid bass is incredible for only being 7.1" speaker." - Pierce Barrett