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Fiberglass was used to mold the driver side quarter panel to acquire as much airspace for the 12" subwoofer as possible without limiting space in the rest of the trunk. Both the enclosure and the amp rack were trimmed out with multiple finishes to give a real custom look. We used aluminum acrylic, LEDs, paint, carpet and vinyl, all brought together with hexagonal 3D pressed grilles.

This system was built to match the kind of performance that the vehicle has under the hood, and to add another layer of enjoyment in driving it. We can integrate and build high fidelity systems in virtually any vehicle. If you haven't heard a system like this, come check out our demo vehicles!

The dodge challenger hellcat project

We recently had the chance to build a system in one of the fasted production cars on the road today! The client had concerns regarding heat in the trunk, overall noise form the exhaust, and more than anything, sound quality.


The system we installed consists of the following:


Audison Bit Ten D processor

Audison AV 5.1k amplifier

Audison AV Due amplifier

Hertz Mille Legend 3 way components

Hertz HX300D subwoofer

Hushmat sound deadening

Soundskins sound deadening


The entire vehicle was stripped down to the metal so the sound deadening could be installed. We covered all surfaces from the front firewall to the beck of the trunk. This has a twofold benefit in reducing heat transfer from the exhaust system and lowers the overall noise floor.


The amplifiers and processor were mounted to a custom amp rack made completely from composite materials. This spaced the equipment from the vehicle floor and positioned them for the cosmetic trim to be added later.


The Mille Legend components fit into the stock locations except the tweeters. The A pillars were built up to allow the tweeters to sit behind custom grilles. The idea was to keep an OEM look, so this design went a long way to keep that motif.


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