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Besides the fact that it's awesome that is.

 (By Dan Ungaro)

Well, it's a personal story of how I began my journey into the world of music. Being that my father was (and still is) a musician, it may have been a foregone conclusion that I would follow suit. I spent my youth like every other kid, listening to whatever his parents are listening to whether I liked it or not. Though my mom playing Phantom of the Opera got old after a while, I appreciated the artistry. I bought into a lot of what my dad listened to, which was along the lines of classic rock.


And this is how I avoided embarrassing music fads.

It was 1988 or 1989 when I glanced out of my bedroom door to catch a glimpse of my dad walking out of his music room. This was a room the kids were not allowed to visit, so naturally it was the most interesting place on earth.


He walked out carrying a stack of vinyl records. My interest piqued, I followed him down the stairs, through the kitchen and into the garage. We kept our trash cans in the garage at that house, and I couldn't believe he was about to throw the records away!!!


I stopped him just in time. I asked him why he was throwing the records away, and he just said he had already replaced them with new ones.

I convinced him to let me have the dilapidated records. I recently mentioned to him that I still had them and it occurred to me he didn't know what an impact this event had on me. I took the records and went to my room. I spent YEARS listening to those records. My collection included albums from The Who, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and Johnny Cash!


To say this left an impression on me is an understatement. This was also about the time I started playing music myself. I grew in my taste over the years, but never lost the foundation of legendary music. That foundation motivated me to continue playing drums, playing in bands, recorded and album and eventually started my own car audio shop. Why the last? So I could be around music all day!



When decorating the new facility, I thought it would be only fitting to frame and mount the records that started it all! When you visit Soundscape, look at the walls. Over time, I'll be putting up more classics. Being the quintessential sound quality album, I though Dark Side of the Moon was a good choice to kick it off!


Thanks Dad.