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Jeeps are fun. They should sound like it. 

vehicle specific packages

Jeep Wrangler 2012+

Package overview

Both system options replace the front components, rear coax speakers, add a 10" subwoofer and amplify everything with compact amplifiers! They feature a fiberglass enclosure, and if you don't have the stock Alpine grille, we'll build one for you. Your Jeep will look stock, but sound amazing!

Specifically, for you....


Some vehicles lend themselves to very predictable solutions. We have built systems for hundred of makes and models. Here, you will find the packages we have found work best for particular vehicles. In some cases, these packages will include custom parts. We take the greatest care in design of these parts and build molds to produce a consistently superior product.

For select models with underseat woofer

Package overview

Fitting new components into many BMW models is a challenge. This package addresses all of the front stage components, and amplifier. The amplifier is a compact unit with 8 channels of amplification and 9 channels of processing. The 9th channel is available for the addition of a subwoofer and monoblock amplifier. 


BMW 6.0 DSP Active

Mid/Hi Power:  540w

Subwoofer Power: NA

BMW 6.1 DSP Active

Mid/Hi Power:  540w

Subwoofer Power: 540w

wrangler 4.1 Passive

Mid/Hi Power:  200w

Subwoofer Power: 200w

wrangler 4.1 HP Passive

Mid/Hi Power:  400w

Subwoofer Power: 400w