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After removing the sail panels and tweeters, David milled some acrylic rings that would serve as the mounting ring and cosmetic trim ring.

He then mocked up the rings in the truck. He used a laser to ensure the aiming of both speakers were intentional and symmetrical.

Using PVC and body filler, he created a contoured shape that kept the entire assembly as low profile as possible. A detail often overlooked on a project like this is mounting. Though the panel has a fastener that clips to the vehicle, the weight of the new driver would be too much to be stable. David created two machined mounts in the metal of the door and incorporated aluminum brackets to ensure the piece would have no issues in the future.

Some careful hand sanding and paint work later, and you have the structural portion of the pod. The screw locations for the driver is pre-drilled to maintain the integrity of the ring as it is mounted. Maintenance and durability are always incorporated into our designs.


The trim rings were milled on the router, sanded and painted to match the silver in the door panel. The rings were molded up to, so after mounting the driver, the trim ring pressure fits into the assembly.


And voila! OEM looking 3" speaker pods!

Just because something wasn't designed to be there doesn't mean it can't be! This set of Illusion coaxial 3" speakers were brought to us by a client who wanted to locate them higher in the soundstage.


We agreed the sail panel of the door would be the best location both sonically and aesthetically. Our master fabricator, David Cruz, molded up these beautiful pods using acrylic, PVC and fiberglass.

Toyota Tacoma Custom Speaker Pods