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We all know how crazy driving in DFW can be! You can drive defensively and make a habit of being hyper vigilant, but at the end of the day, we can't control the actions of others.


Whether it's to avoid insurance scams, document road rage, interactions with authorities or just to catch that unbelievable thing that happened on the road, dashcams are becoming more commonplace. We installed a 2 channel Blackvue system in this Tesla Model S. This covers the front with a 1080p camera and the rear with a 720p resolution camera. They both record to the micro SD card in the front unit while documenting GSP coordinates. This unit also features Wifi so you can use your phone to montor and download video on the fly. They even have an "Over the Cloud" feature that lets you stream the feed to the internet!

Check out this video taken with the Blackvue dashcam!


We can also install these units to monitor while the vehicle is parked!

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Tesla Model S Dashcam