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I'm sure by this point, if you've been on our email list for a while, you know what Knowledgefest is! If not, it's kind of like the mobile electronics industry's Super Bowl, CES, Oscars, and Nobel Prizes all rolled into one! We get to meet with other shops, reps, manufacturers and training facilities. The primary goal is education, sharing of best practices and revealing new technology. Secondary, but important to us, are Mobile Electronics' Industry Awards!


Last year we were honored with Retailer of the Year. This year we focused on our team with great results! Our master fabricator, David Cruz, won Installer of the Year Runner Up, Pierce Barrett won Rookie of the Year, and Daniel Greenwood made the Top 50 Installers list!


As a shop owner, I couldn't be luckier to have such a dedicated and talented crew. Every day, these guys define high quality craftsmanship and installation in mobile electronics. They have been an integral part in creating the culture of quality we believe in at Soundscape, and have been an inspiration to peers across the country.


To MEA and the entire ME industry, thank you! -Dan.

Team Soundscape Wins at Kfest!