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This Dodge Hellcat needed a revamp on the audio system, so we approached it from the ground up. We began with extensive acoustical treatment throughout the vehicle. All new wiring was used to reinstall the equipment and a new amp rack, subwoofer enclosure and tweeter mounts were built.

System Equipment:

OEM Radio

Audison Bit TenD Processor

Audison Voce Amplifiers

Hertz Mille Legend Component Speakers

Hertz Hi Energy Subwoofer

Soundskins Pro



Choice of Materials


Picking the right elements for a custom build is a key element in making sure the work is befitting of the vehicle. David chose a hex pattern grille mesh for the ventilation over the amplifiers. He also hand brushed aluminum in an engine turning pattern. Along with carpet, acrylic and paint, these elements all come together to make a cohesive feel.

Multi Step


The casual observer may not realize how many pieces have to be built to build one of our custom panels. This picture shows the pile of templates and pieces necessary to achieve one multi-element panel. Time and materials folks!

For Grownups


The "Car Audio For Grownups" motto extends past the audio and into the fabrication. Everyone wants something nice, but not gaudy. When modifying a panel that is in your line of sight every time you drive your vehicle, the importance of elegance can not be understated. These pillars are an example of an OEM style design in a custom piece.

Fit and Finish


When all is said and done, what you should have, is a system that performs with a unique flair in the presentation. This car has it! We feel we really stepped up the look of this Hellcat with the design and execution of this build!

Dodge Hellcat System Rebuild