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Porsche GT3 K40 System


This car doesn't like to go slow. Having the opportunity to drive it along the Dallas North and George W. Bush Tollways, 70 mph felt like holding back a 120lb dog who wants to chase squirrels!


With this in mind, we designed a radar/laser defense system that will keep the owner of this beast on the safer side of the law. It includes front and rear radar sensors, two of the new Optix laser sensors in the front and one in the rear. As usual, there was some custom fabrication in both bracketing and cosmetics to make the system look seamless in this beautiful car!


The initial part is machined from 1/2" acrylic, placed in the mounting location and molded with body filler. The finishing process includes primer, sanding and paint.


Porsche Laser Sensor BezelPorsche Laser Sensor Bezel


For optimum placement and performance, we built an aluminum bracket that securely places the sensor in the center of the intake vent.


K40 Radar Sensor MountK40 Radar Sensor Mount


What we are left with is a clean integration that takes the install of this system to the next level!


Porsche GT3 K40 Radar

Porsche GT3 K40 Radar