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2017 Jaguar F-pace K40 Install

What do you do when you get your brand new car shipped in?


Bring it to us for an integrated radar detector!


This 2017 Jaguar F-Pace was barely off the truck a few hours before we started taking it apart to add our K40 Full Defense package. It includes 2 front laser sensors, 1 rear and both front and rear radar detectors. The system is equipped with GPS to mark speed traps, obstructions and red light cameras.


Like most of our radar defense installs, this one took some customization. To start, we removed the bumpers and determined that a bracket was needed to mount the radar sensor in the right position. A pattern was made and copied onto aluminum, then bent into shape.


K40 Radar MountK40 Radar Mount


The bracket painted and mounted. The sensor is bolted into this and sits behind the bumper.


 K40 Radar MountK40 Radar Sensor


The laser sensors need to have clear sight to the road, so we have to build something cosmetic to make it blend into the grille.


K40 Laser BezelK40 Laser Bezel 


The laser sensors are made from 2 layers of acrylic and are bolted into the OEM grille. The result is a functional, cosmetically pleasant solution that goes beyond "just screwing it in".


Jaguar F-Pace K40 Sensors

K40 Rear Laser Sensor