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Some advice on buying a dsp

 The car audio industry is going through a sea change that is making Digital Signal Processing (DSP) a requirement. We've noticed that some retailers are selling "processors" that are actually line output converters/drivers. We've had several vehicles come into our shop with DSPs installed even by authorized retailers that have NO TUNE IN THEM AT ALL! It breaks our hearts because we work so hard to make this equipment perform at it's peak. Seeing improper installation, system architecture and tuning sheds a negative light on what we do. Here are a few things you should ask about when shopping for a legitimate DSP:


1. Only buy it from them if they are an authorized retailer. DSPs are not simple devices and proper training and practice are the only ways to become proficient with their use. 


2. ONLY BUY IT FROM AN AUTHORIZED RETAILER! Again, they are not simple, so if there is an issue with the equipment, the retailer should have a relationship with the manufacturer that gives them tech support and efficient warranty policies.


3. Ask to hear the technician's car. I don't know a tech who is good with DSPs that doesn't have one in his car. You should be able to hear definition, clarity, dynamics and very importantly a center image.


4. Ask to see their tuning equipment. To effectively tune a DSP, you need an Oscilloscope and an Real Time Analyzer (RTA). A surgeon without an X-ray machine is just guessing. Tuning a DSP without an RTA is no different.



Not only do we have the skills, tools and support to offer DSPs, but we have been doing it for years! We save all of our tunes in case one is altered or erased. We have done hundreds, and with the addition of Mosconi to our product offering, we expect to be doing many more.


If you haven't heard a system with a DSP, come by the shop for a demo of our Jukebox! It's definitely an experience that will change the way you listen to your favorite music!