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Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Sound System

Here's our latest work on a brand new Jeep Rubicon! This one didn't have the stock Alpine system, so we built our fiberglass enclosure and added a custom pressed grille in the floor panel. The client wanted a cover over the new Pioneer AVH-4200NEX we installed, so a cover was molded into the OEM dash bezel.


Wrangler Dash BezelWrangler Dash Bezel Removed


We used Hertz HSK165 components in the front and the new Mille Pro MPX165.3s in the soundbar. The amplifier is a Diamond Audio MICRO5V2 mounted under the dash.


Diamond Amplifier In A Jeep


We also added a Vision X 51" light bar on the windshield for maximum visibility for those midnight adventures into the wilderness!


Jeep Windshield Light Bar