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Soundscape Grand Opening June 24th!

The move has been a crazy ordeal, but we are in! Aside from a few cosmetics, we are up and running and already knocking out high level work for our clientele! We will be celebrating the new facility on Saturday June 24th, so mark your calendar! As we approach the event, we will be announcing specifics such as raffle prizes, demo cars to experience and, in true American fashion, food! We encourage you to come by and take a look at what we have worked so hard to build as soon as you can! We are still working on vehicles as we put the finishing touches in each room. We expect the schedule to build quickly, so don't put it off! We look forward to seeing all of you! Thank you for supporting local business!  

2016 Audi A3 Audio System

The sound system in this 2016 Audi A3 needed a little help, so we designed a system with the client which included a 5 channel processor, 5 channel amplifier, a two way set of components and a subwoofer.

2017 Mobile Electronics Industry Awards!It's been great, but it's someone else's turn!

This time last year, we started campaigning for the highly coveted honor of being Mobile Electronics' Retailer of the Year. It wasn't a thought in our minds that we could win it! As a team, we were honored to just be included in the Top 50, then Top 12. We have always just focused on building Soundscape to be the best it can be with no reservations about learning from other accomplished operations. I feel it's the community in 12 volt electronics that uplifts small shops like us and help us achieve new heights.

We're open!(And almost done setting up!)

I can't express to you how excited we are about showing you all our new facility! This move has been lightning fast, exhausting and taxing overall, but all worth it! Every day the showrooms, fabrication rooms and install bay are getting closer and closer to what we envisioned. 

Parting is such sweet sorrowBut it's not like we're going that far....

Any parent feels a combined sense of pride and sadness as they watch their children grow from one stage of life to another. I’m learning that growing a business is no different. That bittersweet feeling creeps in as we get underway moving Soundscape to its new home! Since relocating from McKinney to Plano five years ago, we have grown in ways we never imagined! We grew from a tiny, off the radar shop to Mobile Electronics’ 2016 Retailer of the year. We built a crew and a reputation that have produced some of the best sounding and looking vehicles in DFW and have no intention to stop! With the amazing support of our clientele, we have quickly outgrown our current facility in Plano off Parker and Central Expressway. As of May 1st, we will be in our new location in Carrollton near Marsh and Trinity Square Drive. We chose this location for several reasons. First, was to get the 1,000 square feet we desperately needed in the install bay. Though we have made the best use of the space we have, it’s become apparent we need more room and areas for storage. Another reason for the move is that we realized the majority of our clients are coming from the west, sometimes at great distances to see us. Being located near both Dallas North Tollway and 190 will make us easily accessible to those who live anywhere down that corridor and beyond. This location is also right next door to our friends at DeVance Electronic Lifestyle. There they offer high end home entertainment solutions that are a great compliment to what we offer. We plan to cooperate on events in the near future! As we say goodbye to the Plano location, there is a bit of sadness. We have had some great times and some tragic losses here, but our new home will set the stage for even greater things! I hope all of you who have been to our facility find some time to come take a tour of our new, bigger, better operation in the coming months! We will be setting up for the first week and plan to be operational May 8th. Our last day of operation in Plano will be April 26th. A grand opening will be announced as we near completion of setup. Thank you for your support! We can’t wait to see you!‚Äč



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